Advantages of using our fandom inspired handmade soaps.

Matt Jackering

Handmade Soap vs Commercial Soap: And why is fandom-inspired soap an even better option?

Natural handmade soap has always been a great alternative to commercial soaps, but what makes fandom inspired natural handmade soap even better?

For starters, it is a perfect blend of your favorite pop culture fandoms and nature's purest ingredients. Imagine using Star Wars or Marvel inspired natural handmade soap that not only smells amazing but also nourishes your skin with natural oils and butter.

Commercial soap that is found at your local grocery store, uses chemicals to do a variety of things. Solubility (the way the soap reacts to hot or cold water, hard or soft water), foaming agents, hardeners, and more.

Many commercial soaps also have the glycerin removed so as to be sold as a separate product (more profit).

Our handmade soap uses simple, organic ingredients (vegetable/plant based oils and cocoa butter) in a formula that we believe gives you the best combination of soft creamy foam, cleansing properties, and skin nourishment. Environmentally friendly, no harsh chemicals, and good for your skin, why use anything else?

Why use fandom inspired natural handmade soap?

First off, these soaps give you the chance to indulge in your favorite franchises while taking care of yourself.

Furthermore, using fandom inspired natural handmade soap is an excellent way to show your support for your favorite movies or TV shows.

Every time you use our soap in the sink or shower, you are reminded of your favorite characters of your favorite fandoms. We have soaps inspired by Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Supernatural, Dream SMP, Anime, Avatar the Last Air bender, and we are working on new ideas all the time.

Fandom inspired soap also makes a great gift for someone who "has everything."

Do you have a friend or parent who "has everything?" Do they like to go to Disney parks or watch Star Wars or Marvel movies? I'll bet they don't shower with a soap that is inspired with the colors and fragrance (vibe) of their favorite character, theme park ride or mythical location!

Our soaps are always a great option.

Buy mom soap for mother's day. Then her birthday comes along, what should you get her? Fandom soap! Why? Because the first bar is getting small or is gone and she loved it. Get her another one or maybe a complimentary one. Christmas? Soap of course! Did you know we make seasonal soaps for Halloween and Christmas? Our fandom soaps are ALWAYS a great option.

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